photo: Independent curator Kathy Rae Huffman and Erik ReeL, Villa Aurora Library, Santa Monica, California, 2014, photo: Rhonda P. Hill


Books by Erik ReeL

Pterodactyl Cries: Art, Abstraction, Apocalypse, 2021

Seattle Notebook, forthcoming 2024

Pure Fictions, forthcoming 2024

About Erik ReeL

Catalogs and Monographs

Kinoshita, Alexis and Moen, Grace, Erik ReeL 20 20, FAFA, 2020

Erik ReeL: Full Circle. Exhibition catalog, Morris Graves Museum of Art, 2016

Carlsson, Jae. Tabula Rasa. Exhibition catalog, 2013

Erik ReeL: From the Private Collection. Catalog. Centaur: 2013

Arconi, Nikki. Erik ReeL Painting Catalog: 1250 -1456. Centaur: 2011

Erik ReeL: Painting: Catalog 1352 – 1401. Centaur: 2010

Erik ReeL: Works on Paper. Centaur: 2009

Erik ReeL: Paintings. Centaur: 2009

Chaos. Exhibition catalog, 2009

Quantum Dynamics of Painting. exhibition catalog, 2008

Erik ReeL: paintings and drawings. 110 plates, Centaur: 2008

Erik ReeL. Face to Face. New World: 2008

17th Annual McNeese National Works on Paper. Exhibition catalog, 2004

17th Parkside National Small Print Exhibition. Exhibition catalog. Wisconsin: 2004


Ruins of Runes, Erik ReeL text of Sean Riehl video, may 2014

Interview with Erik ReeL, june 2013

Interview with Erik ReeL, january 2013 KAQB


The Visual Language of Erik ReeL, Sean Riehl, 2014, documentary

Epiphany: Erik ReeL and Diane Silver, Eric Minh Swenson, 2017, promotional

Objects of Impossibility, Nathan Vonk, 2017, KGTV


Kaya Noteboom, Erik ReeL: The Art of Kenosis, October 2023

Nathan Vonk, Exciting Work at Museum of Contemporary Art, February 2015

Ruins of Runes, Erik ReeL text of Sean Riehl video, May 2014,

Nelson Jesson, Semiotic Abstraction, November 2013

Christian Reed, Oh, Those Pesky Tag Memes, February 2013

Ben Chinay, Signs of a Lost Civilization, December 2011

Nikki Arconi, Erik ReeL: Markings, catalog essay, November 2011

Erik ReeL 2172, Tutustu kiinnostaviin ideoihin! Pansemia/Asemia sources website

Selected Press

Kit Boise-Cossart, Erik ReeL, GraySpace Santa Barbara, November 2018

Leslie Dinaberg, Erik ReeL: Zero Point & Rhonda P. Hill: Blurred Boundaries: Fashion as an Art, September 2018

Erik ReeL at the Butler Institute of American Art, July 2018

Leslie Westbrook, Welcome to Planet ReeL, Ventana Magazin, October 2017

Erik ReeL and Diane Silver, 13 July 2017

Nathan Vonk, Exciting Work at Museum of Contemporary Art, February 2015

Nathan Vonk Review: Out of the Great Wide Open, February 2015

ReeL Grand Slam, November 2014, VAM Improvisational Painting, 7 July 2014

Nash Rightmer & Erik ReeL’s Standing in Boots, May 2014

Nelson Jesson, Semiotic Abstraction, November 2013

Tracy Hudak, A Painter With a View, April 2013

Christian Reed, Oh, Those Pesky Tag Memes, February 2013

Nathan Vonk, How Soon is Now?, June 2012

Ted Mills, In the Abstract Bedroom, June 2012

Ben Chinay, Signs of a Lost Civilization, December 2011

Nicole D’Amore. Faces are Archeteypes, August 2008

Ashley Olive. Erik ReeL at FrameWorks, Otober 2008

Joseph Woodard. Joie de Vivre, 28 August 2004

Charles Donelan. The Riviera American-style, 18 September 2003

Sarah McIver, ReeL Irrational Exuberance, 12 May 2003

Anita Farina, ReeL’s Bagdad Hotel, 17 August 2003

David Jensen, Arte Tropicana and the ReeL Thing, 10 June 2003

Annette Sorel, ReeL Splash of Color, 5 May 2002

Joseph Woodard, Pools and Lines, 2 May 2002

Delores Tarzan, ReeL at Cornish Institute, Seattle Times, 15 October 1984

Regina Hackett, Gary Hill and Gary Reel at And/Or Art Center, Seattle P-I, 21 January 1981

Barbara Earl Thomas, ReeL Splash of Color, Highline Times, 10 June 1977

Related Articles

Kaya Noteboom, Erik ReeL: The Art of Kenosis, October 2023

Jae Carlsson, Erik ReeL, Tabula Rasa catalog, April 2013

Raphael Rubinstein, Provisional Painting Part 2: To Rest Lightly on Earth,  February 2012

Nikki Arconi, Erik ReeL: Markings, catalog essay, November 2011

Raphael Rubinstein, Provisional Painting, May 2009

Selected Writing by Erik ReeL

On Visual Art

Pterodactyl Cries: Art, Abstraction, Apocalypse, 2021

Matisse in Long Beach, August 2018

Mark Bradford at Hauser & Wirth, May 2018

Yumiko Glover: Pushing the Button 2058 Times, May 2018

Chagall: Fantasies on Stage at LACMA, 13 November 2017

Jimmie Durham: Art at the Center of the World,  11 April 2017

Jean Dubuffet Drawings at the Hammer, 10 April 2017

Moholy-Nagy at LACMA, 31 March 2017

Henry Taylor at Blum & PoeDecember 2016

Agnes Martin at LACMA, 21 June 2016

Mara De Luca at Luis de Jesus, 7 June 2016

Letter From the Front, Face to Face, catalog, August 2008

Michael Spafford at the Seattle Art Museum, Vanguard, v. 11, no, 4, May 1982, pp. 34-35

On Theater

Bakersfield Mist, 14 may 2018

Sgt. Pepper at 50; Mark Morris at Eternity, 14 may 2018

Shepard's True West at SPTC

Baby Tangle, 14 may 2018

American Buffalo, 20 april 2018

Macbeth in Ojai, 20 april 2018

Lear, 27 mar 2018

Wrongs of the Righteous, 12 feb 2018

This Random World, 12 feb 2018

Perlmutter’s Directing Hamlet12 nov 2017

Taking Sides, 13 nov 2017

Flying H Does Blackbird16 oct 2017

Dance: Anaїs by Mixed eMotion Theatrix, 25 sept 2017

Incognito, 22 sept 2017

Becky’s New Car, 6 sept 2017

Steel Magnolias at the Elite, 4 sept 2017

McPherson’s Birds, 1 july 2017

When We Were Young and Unafraid, 9 jun 2017

Milo’s Other Mozart, 5 jun 2017

Beached26 april 2017

To Woo is to Win, 25 april 2017

Agnes of God, 6 mar 2017

Devil’s Music that Feeds the Soul 3 mar 2017

Driving Home: Rubicon Concludes Nibroc Trilogy, 7 feb 2017 

Jason Furlani’s Family Trees6 dec 2016

Chapter Two at ETC, 5 dec 2016

Arthur Miller’s All My Sons17 oct 2016

Night Alive, 24 sept 2016

This Isn’t Kansas, Yet, Is It?, 23 july 2016

Open Meeting Closed15 july 2016

Oh, How Lovely Do Angels Fall, 15 jJune 2016

What Kind of Sticks?, 10 june 2016

The Pillowman, 19 may 2016

David Hare’s Skylight, 18 may 2016

Amy Herzog’s 4000 Miles at SPTC, 23 april 2016

Uncanny Valley24 mar 2016

Taking Liberty, 7 mar 2016

That Other Place, 16 feb 2016

See Rock City, 2 feb 2016

FUBAR at Flying H, 25 jan 2016

Copenhagen, 16 sept 2015

Acting Rules at Flying H and Elite: Small Engine Repair and Zero Hour, 19 oct 2015

Into the Jaws of History, 13 Sep 2015

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad ... Living Room, 5 Sep 2015

Twisted Trouble, 18 jul 2015

Other Desert Cities, 3 jun 2015

Roger That, 31 may 2015

Regional Art News

Joe Cardella 1945-2018, may 2018

Vonder Gray at WAV, 9 feb 2018

The Art Market 2017, 12 jan 2018

Bob Privett at the Ventura County Museum, 6 june 2017

Assembling Assemblage, 17 may 2017

Museum Mishandles Asian Pacific Exhibition, 27 jun 2016

A World Down the Street, 24 may 2016

Flying H Theatre Announces New Plays, 15 feb 2016

New Executive Director for the Museum of Ventura County, 18 april 2013

Pistol Productions: Firing Away, 1 oct 2012

Is the 805 Ready for a Regional Arts Council?, 9 feb 2012

Putting It All Together: Tracy Hudak, 3 feb 2012

Arts Candidates Sweep Ventura City Council Elections, 18 nov 2011

Irving Foundation Grants for the 805, 28 oct 2011

Ventura Wins National Arts Destination Award, 25 jul 2011

Other Publications

In the late 1970s and early 1980s ReeL wrote on art and performance for a variety of publications including Vanguard, ArtExpress, High Performance art magazines, Artweek, and/or Notes, weekly reviews and a weekly column on the arts for the daily newspaper in east Seattle, the Bellevue Journal-Americanwas arts editor and writer for the Seattle Voice monthly glossy city magazine, and collaborated with art critic Jae Carlsson [ArtDish, ArtForum, ArtsWatch] on a number of zines on language and critical theory in the pre-internet era. He is currently an occasional contributor to Oregon ArtsWatch and various international platforms.